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Information is changing regularly go to for the latest updates or your local state or territory government links below for updates  on the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.  Email [email protected] if you have any queries or new resources to share.  Everything below is a link please Click to download.

Broadcast Materials

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COVID-19 Roadmaps to Normal

Scripts for broadcasters

NT Govt Messages

Easter Audio Messages

NITV's Little J and Big Cuz

Little J and Big Cuz help to get the message out to our children about the importance of washing your hands.

  • FNMA radio organisations can broadcast the Miranda version of the LJBC package on their radios stations. 
  • Due to copyright restrictions please share from NITV’s Facebook page due to commercial rights agreements.  
  • If the CSA is dubbed over in Language it can be distributed on the FNMA org’s social platforms as long as it doesn’t include Miranda Tapsell’s voice.
  • ICTV can play the In language versions
Download the script

Please contact FNMA if you are doing your own language versions or if you have any queries.

Audio grabs / messages

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Dr Ngiare Brown –  Click here to download

Minister Ken Wyatt

Luke Carroll

Videos Messages

NITV Minister for Aboriginal Affairs IV Ken Wyatt 26 March

Luke Carroll

Broadcast Materials

Information for sharing.  Click on the title to view the resource.  If you are interested in IVs with any of the talent please contact us.

Digital Media Assets


NEW NSW One Point Assets Digital Assets dropbox here.  For the following plus much more.

NEW 20200731 – Media Release – CAH Music Video


#KeepOurMobSafe social media tiles:



NEW Stay safe, video and audio messages from Cape York Partnerships CEO, Fiona Jose and Glen Crump.

    • How testing works
    • Better testing for remote communities
    • Lifting restrictions doesn’t mean we are out of the woods
    • Practising and sharing culture
    • Support for kids and mental health

Social Media Tiles


Flu Shot SMT Graphic

NEW:  Flu shot digital downloads.
If you are interested in media interviews to coincide with this content please let FNMA know. 

NEW Flu Shot Vaccination Poster shown above, download here

Jade North SMT

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Audio + video editorial

NSW Government Indigenous Health assets

Skinnyfish Top End assets

#keepourmobsafe Digital Collateral

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Audio + video editorial

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NTG Video in Western Arrente

NT Government posters

Comedian Sean Choolburra's social stories video message via

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Government Media Releases

Business Resources

Quick Links

National Geographic Emergency Fund for Journalists link here

Google Journalism Emergency Relief Fund

Read more about Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) assistance here

ATO Video on how to do your BAS

Coronavirus COVID-19 Indigenous specific links

Indigitube COVID-19 content

ORIC COVID-19 website 

ATO Small Business How To Videos
NIAA support measures for Indigenous Australians
Australian Government gateway for all Federal service information relating to COVID-19
Source for Federal Government Health national directives and health information.
For broadcast materials relating to First Nations Media audio and video content.


Business Health Check #4 - 22 April

Download:  Webinar #4 Presentation

Final wrap of COVID-19 management.

Business Health Check #1 - 1st April

First up, in this Webinar Darren Godwell, CEO of i2i Global, talks about Management and offers a handy CPR approach to business.  Download slides:


Business Health Check #2 - 2nd April

In this second Webinar Anthony Beven, Head of Indigenous Advisory, Grant Thornton Australia, talks about Governance and compliance with ORIC.  Download slides:

Business Health Check #3 - 3rd April

Glen Brennan, Lead of Indigenous Services from KPMG was our expert speaker on business financials.

Download slides:
WEBINAR #3: Financials  Presentation
HANDOUT: COVID-19 Financial Stimulus handout

Other useful webinars

IBA COVID-19 Videos for organisations and businesses

Indigenous Business Australia have released a series of 5 videos for managing your business in the COVID-19 crisis.  Features Dr Terri Janke.  

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